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About Me

I'm out in the world trying to find out where I can make the biggest positive impact for those around me. Medium-term goals include building a space elevator and maintaining a vegetable garden. I’m currently a management consultant at Oliver Wyman, and previously attended Yale University, where I was in Trumbull College. Today I live in NYC.

For a more academic exploration of my thoughts about the intersection of politics and technology, browse my undergraduate thesis, “Hijacked Dreams: Technological Determinism and the Idea of Progress.” I promise you’ll learn something new!

Quick facts: I love the outdoors, animals, learning, art, reading, gadgets, civil liberties… I try to learn important life lessons from my cat, Mittens, and my golden retriever, Arlo. Autumn is my favorite season, because New England.


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The very best way to reach me is by e-mailing me directly at {contact-alias} [at] . I guarantee a prompt reply if I'm on the grid! In the near future I may update this contact form to be more helpful.